Cheap Lentil Soup

Drippings. It’s good stuff… Only what do you do with it? Or the left over sauce you simmered your food in?

Many of these rich, flavorful, drippings just go to waste. But I’ve found if I add a little water, some veggies and lentils I’ve got a cheap CHEAP pot of different, but usually delicious, soup.

Lemme show you how


This was want was left over from making Mexican Birria (lamb) I took out most of the meat but there is still tons of lovely sauce.


So I put it back in the crock pot and added water


Toss in some lentils. Make sure you add enough water that the lentils have something to soak up. I think it’s a 1:3 ratio. I don’t know, I just eyeball it. Lol. I put in 1 cup dry lentils I think.


Add veggies. I added a carrot.


Then I spied diced tomatoes in my cupboard.


Add left over turkey that’s kicking around. Cook for a few hours. Aaaaand


Teedah! Since I just reused stuff or used home grown goods (canned tomatoes when they were cheap and abundant out of my garden) all I paid for was the lentils. So maybe 50 cents for 6 meals worth of food. If I had to buy everything I could still do it for under $3.

This is a very balanced meal. It’s got vegetables, legumes and meat. It’s fiber with protein and fat. And it was cheap.

Flavorwise? I prefer this made with drippings from carnitas. I over cooked it as I may it in the crock pot on high overnight, but it’s still good. Adding condiments like avocado or sour cream  will make it more interesting. I personally hate lentils, but they come out really good when made into a soup from drippings. And it’s cheap and healthy.

Variations: you can use lots of different veggies. This is the first time I’ve used tomatoes. I like to cube turnips in these recipes. Kale, collards, other greens work well. I just go with what I have and what looks like it will work with the other ingredients. Serve on rice or as a soup. Drain and put it in a burrito.

Don’t forget condiments! Avocado and sour cream I already mentioned, but cheese is good, i discovered saurkraut and kimchi brings a nice spur crunch to lentils. There is always got sauce…Lots of ways to eat the same thing differently.


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