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Underrated Rice and Beans

The humble rice and beans gets a bad rap but it’s cheap, healthy, and can be delicious! Not only that its easy to make. 

Simply rinse and soak your beans overnight. In the morning drain off the liquid and add fresh water to cover the beans by a half inch. No, you don’t need to be exact with this because once you simmer for half and hour you are going to drain and rinse the beans again.


Why drain and rinse again? Because we want to wash off the fart juice. Really. You’ll digest the beans better and toot less if you get rid of the first liquid you cook the beans in. Or so I’ve been told, and it seems to work for me.

Next step is to add broth. I have canned pork broth with shredded pork already in it. You can use chicken broth and fry up some salt pork and add it to the broth, or make broth from an old ham bone (all that may that’s still attached will fall off the bone after a few hours of simmering). Whatever. You just need tasty liquid to finish your beans in.


Now add half a chopped onion and by leaf.


Then let it simmer for another 20 minutes and viola! Beans are done.


Serve on top rice with avocado, sour cream and cilantro. Add different toppings like hot sauce or Kim chi (really pairs well with beans) to change up the flavor. And the cost for a pot that lasts days is only a few dollars.

The beans can be used for lots of other dishes. Scoop into burritos whole or mash into refried beans.

Bon Appetit!