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Quick and Easy Asparagus

It’s spring and that means lots of asparagus on sale! Yum!

It’s easy to make. One of my favorite ways takes minutes.


First turn on your broiler in your oven. Then rinse and cut off the pale woody ends. Just look closely and you’ll see a difference between the dry bottoms and tender tops.


Toss in a bowl and drizzle a olive oil (1-2 tbs) on top. A dash of salt, pepper, garlic powder* and chili pepper (approx 1/4 tsp each) Mix it with your hand to coat all the stalks. There’s enough there! It will cover a bunch of asparagus with enough tossing.


Arrange on a backing pan so all stocks are exposed and put into the broiler. DO NOT WALK AWAY!! Depending on how close your pan is to the broiler it can take 1-3 minutes to cook one side of the asparagus, so keep an eye on it. Once it starts to brown a tiny bit pull it out and turn, with tongs or a spatula, your asparagus. Put it back in the oven for half the time and tada!


Beautiful delicious veggies! They can be eaten immediately or stored for a few day. They make a nice side or use as salad toppers.

*I use powdered garlic in this recipe because fresh garlic has a propencity to burn. Powered garlic stands up to high heat better.